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  • Living Abroad

    Living Abroad

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  • Can wealth managers rise to the decumulation challenge

    Can wealth managers rise to the decumulation challenge

                  Can wealth managers rise to the decumulation challenge Can...

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  • Bond bubble is a most unhelpful analogy

    Bond bubble is a most unhelpful analogy

                Bond bubble is a most unhelpful analogy is a short guest post by...

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  • Why We Are Benchmarked1:03

    Why We Are Benchmarked

    At Investment Quorum we have always taken it seriously that we must be benchmarked by others. It is all right for us to say we think we know what we are doing but we think it is right that others com

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  • Our Typical Client0:47

    Our Typical Client

    It’s hard to describe a typical client of Investment Quorum but I think they have one thing in common they have chosen to get very involved in their own financial affairs but they are looking for hel

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  • How We Are Different0:43

    How We Are Different

    Investment Quorum differs in that we are one of the smallest in the UK, we have a team of eleven. Wealth management is typically delivered by the private banks or big investment managers. We think

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  • The Lifetime Allowance

    The Lifetime Allowance

              The Level of the Lifetime Allowance   We are all becoming very...

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  • Emerging markets stutter

    Emerging markets stutter

              Emerging Markets Stutter There was a real emerging market stutter...

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  • The Process Of Becoming a Client1:17

    The Process Of Becoming a Client

    Should someone wish to decide investigate becoming a client of Investment Quorum, it is a pretty detailed process. The first meeting, typically is about an hour or an hour and a half. Typically it is

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  • Understanding Risk1:08

    Understanding Risk

    Understanding risk is really important. I think it is important both from the wealth manager’s point of view but particularly from the client point of view. The minute you take money from a deposit

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  • How Our Team Works1:23

    How Our Team Works

    The investment quorum team, and we are a team, we are a boutique. There is myself, there is the Director Private Clients, Petronella West and she has around 25 years of financial planning experience

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  • The Importance Of Pension Planning0:59

    The Importance Of Pension Planning

    Pensions are a big issue in financial planning and wealth management. Particularly at the moment as there are so many changes going on. We are right in the middle of the transition from the paternal

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  • Examples Of Our Work2:18

    Examples Of Our Work

    As part of the overall wealth management process it is perhaps worth describing some of the typical things that are going on right now. We are doing a large probate valuation for a client. We have

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  • Our Approach to Investment Management0:52

    Our Approach to Investment Management

    Our approach to investment management is based upon a multi-asset approach. So what do I mean by that? What I mean is that it takes cash, bonds, equities, real estate and some alternative investment

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  • Our Financial Planning Process1:16

    Our Financial Planning Process

    We take a six step process to financial planning. In fact we follow the ISO 22222 standard which is the international planning standard. There are a couple of them but that is arguably the main one.

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  • What Is Wealth Management?0:41

    What Is Wealth Management?

    Wealth management is the combination of financial planning, investment management, investment consultancy and risk tolerances appropriate to a client. The scope of financial planning and wealth man

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  • IQ CEO, Lee Robertson, Reuters 20114:20

    IQ CEO, Lee Robertson, Reuters 2011

    As markets appear to be more benign in Europe we take a look back at our discussions on Reuters TV and wonder just how much has changed over on the Continent.

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