The Lowdown on Markets to 10th November 2017

November 15, 2017 IQ Admin

The Lowdown on Markets to 10th November 2017

World Markets at a Glance


In this week’s issue


  • Global investors have experienced both a painful and prosperous decade.
  • The fiscal crisis and subsequent recovery has taught us that “patience is a virtue”.
  • Recently momentum in the markets has picked up around the global reflationary trade.
  • World growth is in sync and the goldilocks effect is helping with investor sentiment.
  • Technological innovation will surely be responsible for future growth and successes.
  • Global equities continue to be the asset class of choice outperforming expensive bonds.


“Global markets the past, present and future”


the lowdown


Peter Lowman, Chief Investment Office


Peter Lowman, Chief Investment Officer

Peter Lowman has been in investment management for over forty years and prior to becoming Chief Investment Officer for Investment Quorum, he worked within a larger asset managers, primarily as an Investment Director with Cazenove’s. He is responsible for the overall investment strategy for Investment Quorum clients and sits on the Investment Quorum Committee.

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